Beyond the Studio: Leader in Community Singing


McMaster University

Adrienne Pringle presented lectures on Community Singing and Wellness  

November 2019

Music Care Conference

Cathy Thompson and Adrienne Pringle presented on the Sing it Girls program and community singing research. 

November 2019

Webinar Sing it Girls – Music Care / Room 217

Adrienne Pringle presented at the Music Care Room 217 webinar to speak about community singing and Sing it Girls.

October 2019

Music Therapy to Cognitive Impairment

Adrienne Pringle and Meredith Woodiwiss presented to the Christ Church United about music therapy and cognitive impairment along with the benefits of community singing

November 2019

Wilfrid Laurier University

Adrienne Pringle was part of an expert panel speaking about community singing and music therapy.

Winter 2019

RQSPAL with Dr. L Young on Singing Well – Webinar:

Adrienne Pringle presented alongside Dr. Laurel Young about Singing Well and community singing research

January 2019