Singing Program for Girls

Beyond the Studio offers a fun and interactive group vocal program for girls called Sing it Girls!™ We know a lot of young women love to sing just for the fun of it so we’ve integrated some great calming strategies with a fun program for girls ages 7 to 12. They are learning to nurture their love of music while taking care of themselves.

The group is led by an experienced Music Therapist and each session the girls will get to:

-learn ways to use breathing to help with stressful situations

-explore new songs and sing as a group

-enjoy fun activities related to composing songs and sharing

*this is not singing lessons or individual singing it is a group singing program

Sing it Girls! A Group Vocal Program For Girls

Sing it Girls Hamilton Featured on CHCH Morning Live

Have a peek at some of the elements of the Sing it Girls groups here! 

Featuring Avalon Harris, from Sing it Girls Hamilton and some of her participants having fun


Are you a Music Therapist looking for an opportunity run the Sing it Girls program in YOUR community?

Wondering about why the Sing it Girls program is so effective and fun for girls? 

Download the Science Behind Sing it Girls (below) to find out the research behind the program.

The Science behind Sing it Girls (1) (pdf)